Blackbeards Booty Rum


Blackbeards Booty Rum is a rum manufacturer based in Costa Rica. The owner wanted a website to attract investers and also to sell an extensive line of Blackbeards Booty merchandise. And, the client was firm that they wanted a pirate theme.

Though I completed this project many years ago, I felt the overall design and theme worth inclusion. It's framework is an early version of my CMS, which at that time included a fair amount of Flash.

My creative process included:

  • Conducted usability research to gather user requirements and implimented my findings into the project.
  • Created all of the websites graphics, including the montage header and Flash splash page. (see right column)
  • Product photograhy for Blackbeards Booty rum and merchandise.
  • Made a heuristic analysis on existing and similar websites and experiences. The client was adamant that their website be different than their competitors and coinside with their printed brochure and adverts
  • Performed initial SEO functions which greatly enhanced their search engine visibility.


CLIENT: Booty Distribution Group, Int.
DATE: May, 2005
CATEGORIES: Web Design, UI Design, Graphics
TECHNOLOGIES: ASP.NET, SQL Server, CSS, XHTML, Flash (SwishMax), Photoshop
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