One Hour CEO


One Hour CEO is part of e-DentalMarking that sells time and money management software for the dental industry. My client is Glacier Media Marketing.

The project was a graphic design of their landing page. I created four slides for the page slider and designed the interface for a calculation form derived from an Excel workbook. After that it was a matter of designing the layout of the page.

The color profile of their logo dictated the color scheme for the page and awareness for the end application guided my design. I used Photoshop to build the mockup and later a few things in Adobe Illustrator. Upon completion the PSD file and individual images were forwarded on the the site developer.


CLIENT: Glacier Media Marketing, Inc.
DATE: March, 2016
CATEGORIES: Graphic Design, UI Design
TECHNOLOGIES: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
SCREENSHOT: One Hour CEO partial screenshot
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