Oregon Mountain Real Estate


I contstructed the Oregon Mountain Real Estate website in 2005 in classic ASP and it has not been in my portfolio for years. I added it because of it's electic nature. I say this because it also houses images of objects from their "Electrical Museum", a curiosity to say the least.

It has been a surprise to me that they have never considered updating the technology. They say their website has been serving them well and have no reason to change it. Enough said.

The website allowed them to add and remove listings, assign agents, etc. by building an easy to use, secure back office section allowing them to administrate their website. I also interfaced the site with their MLS.


CLIENT: Oregon Mountain Real Estate, LLC
DATE: November, 2005
CATEGORIES: Web Design, UI Design, Graphics
TECHNOLOGIES: Classic ASP, Microsoft Access, CSS, Photoshop
WEBSITE: www.oregonmountain.com
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