Pyramid Resort Motel


The family owned, family friendly Pyramid Resort Motel, in Wildwood Crest, NJ, wanted a sophisticated but easy to update brochure website. Even though little in the way of functionality was required, I built their website to be expandable in every way by creating function modules that could easily be utilized with a couple mouse clicks.

My goal was to design a database driven, template controlled website with inline update capabilities with a back office admin section. The primary colors of their resort motel were matched and used in the site design.

My creative process included:

  • Conducted usability research to gather user requirements and implimented my findings into the project.
  • Made a heuristic analysis on existing and similar websites and experiences. The client was adamant that their website be different than their competitors and coinside with their printed brochure and adverts.
  • Created all of the websites graphics in Photoshop, including the montage header.
  • Implimented a CMS (Content Management System) of my own design which allowed the owners to perform updates using inline WYSIWYG editors and also simplified the creation of multimedia listing galleries such as special events listings, photo galleries, etc.
  • Performed initial SEO functions which greatly enhanced their search engine visibility.


CLIENT: Pyramid Resort Motel
DATE: August, 2010
CATEGORIES: Web Design, UI Design, Graphics
TECHNOLOGIES: ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Photoshop
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