RKN CPA Accounting


Rottman, Kingston & Neuvirth, P.C. is a large full service accounting firm based in Michigan. They have been a client since 2008. This web project required that their hundreds of clients would be able to upload and download their financial information easily and securely.

My goal was to design and develop a public website with security protocols put in place for the client area only. The clients office computer monitors at the time were of lower resolution, so those size constraints were taken into consideration when the template was designed.

My creative process included:

  • Conducted usability research to gather user requirements and implimented my findings into the project.
  • Made a heuristic analysis on existing and similar websites and experiences.
  • Implemented a CMS (Content Management System) of my own design.
  • Created a secure client area where individual customers / companies could have access to their financials.
  • Created a user friendly interface that allowed RKN to manage existing clients as well as adding new clients to their roster.


Rottman, Kingston & Neuvirth, P.C.
October, 2008
Web Design, UI Design, Graphics
ASP.NET, SQL Server, CSS, javascript, Flash, Photoshop



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