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The Island Sand Paper is a weekly printed newspaper with the slogan "By islanders for islanders." When I was hired as Webmaster they had a rudimentary brochure website that contained three basic pages with no content from the printed paper. They wanted a website that would be interactive and relied on me to formulate the direction, concept and implementation. At the time they were averaging approximately 200 unique visitors per month, which were, for the most part, tourists searching for information about Fort Myers Beach, FL.

My goal, as Webmaster, was to create a rich experience for users while keeping the "Island feel" of the printed newspaper. The focus on a "user experience" design ideology established the needs of the user as the main consideration in all feature design and development. The end result was a website that had acquired over 200 thousand unique visitors per month with subscribers from seven different countries.

My creative process, during my nine years as Webmaster, included:

  • Conducted usability research to gather user requirements and implemented my findings into the project.
  • Made a heuristic analysis on existing and similar websites and experiences.
  • Implemented a CMS (Content Management System) of my own design which not only helped manage work flow, but also simplified the creation of various archives and multimedia listing galleries which facilitated the frequent content updates to the website.
  • Designed the header graphic for the website which was adopted as the new masthead for the print edition.
  • Added a new revenue stream by developing a simple shopping cart for online paid subscriptions
  • Performed frequent SEO functions which greatly enhanced their search engine visibility.
  • Created online ad campaign guidelines for the sales staff, which included image formatting specifications and suggested procedures for "bundling" their advertisers print ads with an online presence.
  • Yearly updates to the template design, adding new features as needed kept the site fresh.
  • The final incarnation of the website was to incorporate the Bootstrap framework into my CMS, which allowed the website / web app to be responsive on all devices.


Delta Latitude, Inc.
November, 2015
Web Design, UI Design, Graphics
ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Photoshop
Website replaced by a WordPress site.
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