Unique Web Design
Content Management

Your website needs a crisp clean look. It should be easy to navigate, and the programming should be neat and open ended to allow for growth. If you have an existing website that "need's some help", I will conduct a thorough evaluation of your site, in order help you determine what is good, and what could use improvement. If you do not have a website, I will work with you to determine your needs and how best to represent you, your company or your organization online.

Responsive Web Architecture & Design

Responsive Web design has become a necessity and not just the hot trend in website design. With the growth in the number of smartphones and other mobile devices, more people are using smaller-screen devices to view Web pages. The end goal is to give the user a great experience on all devices. Responsive web design has become an important cornerstone in my approach to website development.

Manage your website & data with a CMS...

There are a host of functions that a Content Management Systems is used for. Most businesses that are looking into (CMS) are looking for a way to manage their data. But CMS provides much more than just data management and template Web or Intranet delivery. The entire look and feel of the website is under control of the CMS. Make design and content changes with ease.

A word about Wordpress...

WordPress is currently a fast growing CMS software, though, in my opinion, not as polished and easy to use as my ASP.net CMS.

Initially, WordPress was largely associated with blogs as its main functionality was to allow easy blog experience. Yet, over time, its developers expanded it's functionality to allow the creation of more complicated websites and grew it into a content management system rather than just a blogging tool. WordPress is considered an easy to use CMS thanks to a somewhat user friendly interface. There are also an amazing number of plugins which allow extension of its functionality in various possible ways. It is a viable alternative to other CMS software. But, a word of caution. While it is fairly easy to create a website, trying to design a "great website" can be slow and difficult when using their stock editor. An extensive knowledge of CSS is a must.


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